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The Alexandre Foundation (AF) is a 501(c) 3 organization with the express mission of providing advocacy services and resources to those living in New York. We focus on those people who have been affected with disabilities and a wide variety of health issues. Additionally, we focus on immigration issues, support civic engagement and promote entrepreneurship. The Alexandre Foundation works to:

  • Address community concerns, including the rights of people affected by poverty and people who are disadvantaged
  • Promote civil rights for all underrepresented and marginalized people, including immigrants, and help them understand and participate effectively in the legal system
  • Encourage people to become engaged in civic activities

Founded in 2002, the AF has implemented several programs which have succeeded in significantly improving the lives of children, families, individuals with disabilities, immigrants, and other underserved populations.

Some of the projects with which AF is involved, and has recently achieved significant success, include the following:

  • Advocating on behalf of the elderly, and connecting more than 200 elderly people with disabilities with life-saving resources, including support groups.
  • Helping more than 100 people with disabilities to access health care services,
    and collecting more than 150 assistive devices and similar technology and distributing them to needy individuals.
  • Assisting more than 80 immigrants, who are now successfully connected to legal services, and increasing public awareness in the area of equal and judicious treatment of minorities and immigrants.
  • Engaging in advocacy and educational outreach activities related to the detention of immigrants and to their legal problems, and making more people aware of the current plight of immigrants and detainees and their struggle for justice.
  • Conducting informational seminars and public discussions relating to pertinent civil and human rights issues, through various media, including community meetings, workshops and public access television programs.

The Alexandre Foundation envisions a society that:

  • Is just, caring, and equitable
  • Is truly democratic and participatory
  • Encourages humane endeavors and contributions
  • Improves the quality of life and living conditions of all people
  • Gives all people opportunities to live, work, play, and create
  • Promotes a culture of mutual respect, societal well-being, and harmony


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