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Immigrant and Refugee

Helping desperate low income immigrants find jobs so that they can make ends meet; assist disadvantaged workers looking for employment and training opportunities; help undocumented and uninsured people locate medical centers for physical exams; make them of aware of free-clinic services and making certain they are alerted to any media medical information bulletins that may be pertinent to their community. 
Conduct information seminars and public discussions to promote equal rights and opportunity on pertinent civil and human rights issues through a wide variety of mediums including community meetings, workshops and public access television programs.

Emergency Services, Information and Referral Services:  Collecting and distributing‚ supportive devices and technology to needy individuals. Referral services for emergency food, clothing, and short-term housing, as well as organizations to assist people in obtaining help  with rent, utilities, and transportation bills for families with children with disabilities who are going through a crisis.


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