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Your gift helps us to help others

Your gift, through designated funds, can make a world of difference to people, provide substantial tax benefits for you and your family, and help secure the future of AF. Your commitment to one or all of the following funds will make a difference to AF:

The Fund for Special Programs
It is estimated that thousands of adults do not receive medically-prescribed equipment such as wheelchairs due to economic barriers. You can make a personal difference by designating your support to someone in need of these services:

  • Medical Relief to help purchase wheelchair and medical equipment and medication  for disabled elderly with limited income. These equipment help alleviate the life circumstances for the individuals living physical disabilities
  • Eldercare to help sponsor caregiving services and recreational for individuals with chronic illness who are low income and have exhausted savings due to medical illness.

Donating Clothing . Furniture . Medical Equipment

Your gift Makes a difference

Alexandre Foundation provide clothing, furniture and medical devices to individuals who are poor, homeless, elderly, or disabled. The AF food and Clothing Program provides needed essentials year round and for special holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Passover.

Share With Others
If you are interested in making a donation of clothing, furniture or medical equipment, please contact us at: 718-268 6363.

    Contact us: 718-268-6363

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Help support our medical equipment relief project. Your donation will help us in continuing to supply patient with supportive devives, which are used to increase, maintain and improve the functional capabilities of individual with disabilities.