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As more Americans live longer lives, increasing numbers of individuals are affected by chronic illnesses like Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer’s, and effects of strokes and other disorders. The increased demand for caregiving for elderly people has a profound impact on families, children of elderly people.

The Alexandre Foundation created our Eldercare program to promote wellness among the elderly, improve their quality of life, and keep elderly people connected to and living in the community, preventing the problems that result from living in isolation. Eldercare focuses on meeting the basic needs of those who suffer from disabling conditions and who are in distress, vulnerable, and dependent.

Eldercare also provides caregivers with reliable information, expert advice, and referrals to health care practitioners and support groups. Our services help alleviate stress for caregivers to prevent burnout and potentially abusive situations. Our volunteers provide periodic breaks for individuals and resources for those who are caring for elders at home.



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