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The Alexandre Foundation has been in existence since 2002.  A 501(c)(3) entity, managed by a passionate and committed Board of Directors, the foundation is the product of the activist work which its founder began in the 1990s.  During that decade, she began assisting her neighbors in many different ways.  Motivated by the plight of her grandmother, a long-time sufferer from Parkinson’s Disease, she began intervening on behalf of friends, and eventually needy strangers as well, who shared a common need for assistance in dealing with health and housing issues.  She began the work which was to become her foundation just by volunteering, as a caring individual, to do whatever she could to improve the lives of individuals lacking the knowledge or resources to help themselves.  Without necessarily intending to do so, she evolved into a community organizer.  Eventually she founded the formal charitable venture which she named, in honor of her grandmother, the Alexandre Foundation.   The foundation, therefore, is truly the brainchild, as well as the labor of love, of a caring granddaughter.  

Initially, she gradually became aware of a wide range of problems facing her neighbors in the Briarwood complex.  Many of them, alone and without any type of assistance, were struggling with tenant issues such as illegal evictions and exploitation at the hands of landlords and real estate agents. In response, she established an association to enable tenants to voice their concerns and address their common housing problems. She worked to bring Clare Schulman, Queens Borough President, to Briarwood to witness the housing problems in the neighborhood. Schulman worked with the tenants to resolve these problems.

Once the housing crisis had been brought to a conclusion, the tenant association turned its attention to other community issues. She continued to help individuals, especially by aiding new Americans who lacked any voice or representation in the community. Because she had served as a caregiver to her ailing grandmother, she created the Briarwood Parkinson's Support Group to provide aid and companionship for individuals afflicted with the disease.

Once she realized that her community activism could benefit from a more formal vision which would bring a sharper focus to the needs of the community, she created the Alexandre Foundation.  Today, through hard work, the generosity of others, and the tireless efforts of a team of volunteers, the foundation has become an organization which, although it remains modest in size, casts a wide net.  With programs for the homeless, the unemployed, the disabled, new immigrants, and various other disadvantaged groups, the foundation reaches out to an appreciative community through system advocacy and by providing tangible relief and assistance to individuals and groups, as well as emotional support, motivation and hope.  The Alexandre Foundation has been featured in the print media and on television, and continues to expand the scope of its vision and its sphere of influence.  


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