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The Alexandre Foundation is a tireless advocate for the needy people of New York, providing life-saving services and resources, especially for those with disabilities and health problems. The foundation was created to help individuals and families in need. Since its inception, AF has provided services and resources to countless marginalized people in New York. Recently, it has sought to expand its role as a system advocate. AF's programs help individuals to navigate their way through the bureaucracy and red tape which prove particularly challenging to
individuals with special needs, including the elderly and those with disabilities and chronic health problems.

In addition, the Alexandre Foundation strives to assist young people, especially those most economically challenged, by providing them with educational experiences designed to enable them to meet the challenges which the working world presents. By supporting small business initiatives and entrepreneurs, AF creates opportunities to become community leaders and to experience and breed economic success, both individually and for the betterment of the community. The foundation’s dual approach is to help community members on an individual basis, while emphasizing those forms of assistance which simultaneously provide the maximum benefit to the community at large.

Individual achievements and successes, even when shared throughout the community, have little lasting effect unless accompanied by the enduring rights and privileges which enable people to maintain their standing in society. With that in mind, AF connects community members with services intended to help them achieve justice and the protection of their civil, political, social and cultural rights. We advocate for and work not only with immigrants who may be unaware of their rights, but also with other vulnerable individuals and groups marginalized by society.

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* Our founder was invited to appear on Channel 9’s "Real Talk", a program which highlights immigrant success stories.
* [Click here to view online re-broadcast]

*Our founder was featured in "Big Town, Big Dream", in The New York Daily News..[View NY Daily News Article]

* An interview appears in Community Media Review.
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Donations and other forms of support for AF will help to provide critical assistance to the truly needy.  AF is person-centered, and offers hands-on, caring support services to help improve the quality of life for unfortunate and disadvantaged individuals and families who might otherwise not be reached.

You may choose to support the efforts of AF, at no cost to you, through our Shop to Give program, which allows you to designate AF to receive a portion of the proceeds from items which you already intend to buy from participating merchants of your own choosing.  Information about this program, as well as details concerning tax-deductible donations of time, goods, money, or services, is available on this website.

Your help is vital, and not only ensures our ability to carry out our mission but further enhances the scope of our efforts. Thank you for caring and for helping*.

All donations are tax-deductible

Alexandre Foundation is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our IRS Identification number is 75-2992459. All donations are tax-deductible. For further information please refer to .

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